Rental Equipments

Air Conditioning Units

Peax Equipment Rental, Diesel Generators from 20 kW to 1600 kW for single run or multiple units in parallel.

Product Specification:

Engine and Accessories
Heavy duty industrial type, water-cooled, diesel engines.
Speed: 60 Hz (1800 RPM) / 50 Hz (1500 RPM).
Governor type:
Mechanical (SDW-30 to SDW-115)
Electronic (SDW-200 to SDM-2800).
Heavy duty radiator designed for high ambient temperature.
Heavy duty air cleaner assembly.
Filtration system, for fuel and lube oil. Oil cooler, oil pan.
Unit mounted control panel. Pumps for oil, fuel, water.
Charging alternator and starter motor.
Vibration damper.
Turbo charger.
Fuel connection hoses supply and return.
Heavy duty exhaust muffler.
Lead acid battery with cables and lugs.
Main line circuit breaker.
Suitable AC alternator meeting NEMA MGI-22, BS 5000, IEC Specs

Rental Equipments

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Customer Testimonial

“Since the day we started the Business we had a very good support from the Sales Department, Service Department and also the Accounts Department. At any time we inform you guys about any complaint for the Gensets Peax was there at the Site especially our site was packed with Manpower in a remote place. We are really very happy and satisfied with your support.”

Bernard Mendez